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How and when you use your LED lighting will be determined by where you work. With personalised, money-saving solutions, our business goods have you covered. We provide solutions for every type of organisation, including industrial facilities, offices, grocery chains, and healthcare providers.

We can assist you with replacing your business’s lights with modern, energy-efficient LEDs. For a free onsite quote, call 1300 303 077 or fill out the form below. Please download and complete the Lighting Checklist to include in your submission to help with this process.

LED Lighting Service

Switching to LED lights is a quick method to save money on electricity. LEDs consume up to 75% less energy than typical lighting, allowing your company to save money while keeping employees safe and productive.

Lighting that is of good quality and adequate improves working conditions and increases productivity. If you’re not sure what level of lighting you need, call Hello Electrical at 1300 303 077.

LED Light Repair Service

Did you know that just 10% of the energy consumed by a 50W halogen lamp is used to produce light? The rest of your energy is wasted as heat, which might raise the temperature in your room. A 7W LED light uses virtually 100% of its energy on light and creates very little heat, therefore replacing it with an LED light saves money.

Contact Us now and see how our LED Lighting repair and installation service provider works.

LED Lighting Installation Service

There are numerous advantages to hiring Hello Electrical to handle your switchboard renovation. When it comes to upgrading switchboards, our specialists are experienced, and we adhere to the strictest electrical industry requirements. Switchboard Upgrades are something that Hello Electrical is well-versed in.

LED lights also last significantly longer than typical globes, lowering your maintenance and replacement costs.

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