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Sydney Emergency Electrician

Hello Electrical is your top choice electricity company located in Belrose, only 30km outside of Sydney. We’re a full-service electrician company who can help you today with any of your electrical needs.  If you are experiencing an electrical emergency, don’t waste any time in calling Hello Electrical. An electrical emergency can cause serious damage to your electrical system and can put your entire household or place of business in danger. Hello Electrical will come to your location immediately to fix the issue and adjust the situation for your safety!

Sydney Domestic Electrician

Hello Electrical offers services for residential households, in order to keep you and your loved ones safe and thoroughly protected at all times. Our fantastic electricians and technicians are incredibly experienced with every facet of electrical issues and the services used to fix them. You will be able to have complete peace of mind knowing that your household and its electrical system are in the hands of a high quality and professional electrical company. Hello Electrical can provide our efficient expertise and fix any domestic electrical problem that may be occurring within your household.


Sydney Commercial Electrician

Hello Electrical has a well put together team of highly trained and licensed electricians that are able to solve any commercial electrical issues. We have the ability to work with larger electrical systems that will be found in commercial buildings, creating a wide range of fixative services to our customers who own businesses in Sydney. Hello Electrical can work in any commercial environment, including shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, and government facilities. Many aspects within a commercial electrical service resemble that of our residential services and our electricians are more than qualified to install, maintain, inspect, and repair any electrical system within either space.

Sydney Switchboard Upgrading

Hello Electrical offers switchboard upgrading as one of our premier services to the Sydney area. Our electricians and technicians have an immense amount of experience in removing old switchboards and installing brand new ones into your electrical system. With our help, your new switchboard will be able to efficiently power your entire household flawlessly. The electricians at Hello Electrical are able to fix and upgrade a switchboard in both residential and commercial spaces, allowing us to serve a wide range of customers that are either residing or working in a building that may have a switchboard issue. When a household or office building has an ongoing issue with their switchboard, an array of harmful issues could occur, such as power outages or even electrical fires. When you call the electricians at Hello Electrical to fix your switchboard problem, we will be able to efficiently upgrade your switchboard, while also keeping your electrical system up to date with current regulations.

Sydney Light and Fan Installation

Hello Electrical offers customers residing in the Sydney area a myriad of impeccable electrical services. One of the services that we offer is light and fan installations for both residential and commercial buildings. Our friendly and trustworthy electricians are incredibly skilled when it comes to correctly installing your light and fan assembly the first time we try to do so. Installing a fan within your area will save you money on your electric bill and will even be able to enhance your interior décor within your home or place of work. The technicians at Hello Electrical understand that installing a light and fan is important for you and your household and we promise to correctly do our job while installing it. With a quick phone call to Hello Electrical, you will no longer have to worry about climbing up on a ladder to deal with electrical wiring all on your own. There is no need to risk your health and safety when you can have a professional electrician from Hello Electrical come to your place of residence or business and safely install your new light and fan fixture.

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Hello Electrical is your #1 Sydney electrician who will provide you with quality advice and services at a very competitive price. Contact Hello Electrical today and one of our friendly electricians will be more than happy to assist you with all your electrical needs in Sydney!

    FAQYour Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you insured and licensed Electricians?

    We are a team of insured and certified electricians with proof of liability insurance. In any case of an injury at work, we are covered. This takes a whole lot of stress off you. A licensed electrician has fulfilled the requirements to obtain professional insurance to practice, and licensing can also indicate that. To get you started, you can call 1300 303 077. You need to avoid hiring unlicensed or non-insured electricians as it secures you from various risks—licensed electricians.

    What types of Electrical services do you provide?

    We provide swift, professional and cost-effective Electrical services across all Sydney suburbs. We will quickly solve your electrical problem, whether the electrical fault is in your residence or commercial space. Hello Electrical can flawlessly serve commercial and residential clients with a wide range of electrical services that can fit any magnitude or capacity of electrical trouble. Some of the electrical services we provide:

    • Switchboard Upgrades
    • Emergency Electrical situations.
    What are your hours of business, and do you have an emergency service?

    Our business hours are 9am-5pm, this allows us to offer a premium service with highly skilled individuals only operating at their peak capacity. We want our clients to know that we are here to support and service their electrical needs any time of the day or the night. Call us at 1300 303 077 if you require immediate electrical service. All you need to provide us over the phone is your name, number, address and electrical fault.

    What are your rates for your Electrical services?

    As a part of our commitment to serving you, we conduct an honest, obligation-free electrical quote with quality advice. We do not charge based on hourly rates as it could falsify deals. We recommend three quotes to you when inspecting electrical faults in your home to ensure that you receive a reliable and honest quote. Our customers experience the very best electrical services with zero hidden costs or unforeseen charges. With over four decades of combined experience within the electrical industry, Hello Electrical is a trusted name in Sydney, providing competitive rates, reliable services, with numerous satisfied clients.

    Do you provide a free quote?

    Yes. Once you book an appointment with one of our team of friendly local electricians, we will call about 20-30 minutes before we arrive at your location, introducing ourselves. You will also receive a booking reminder text message. Irrespective of how you contact us, we charge zero call-out fees.

    Why do I need licensed electricians?

    You need licensed electricians to follow a well-defined set of safety standards, procedures, and regulations set by Fair Trading NSW. This is to protect you, your property, and anyone who uses the electrical systems or equipment on your property if something goes wrong.
    Are you looking for a licensed Electrician in Sydney? Get a free quote now.
    An Electrician based in NSW needs to be licensed and is regulated by the local state licensing authority. The person who executes the work must have a valid licence or an apprentice/trainee licence and work under a licensed electrician’s supervision.

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    Claire Mitchelmore
    Claire Mitchelmore

    We had a number of small jobs that needed to be done and the team were fantastic in diagnosing the issues and repairing the problem. They also gave advice to prevent problems from happening in the future. Great service overall!

    Peter Gautrey
    Peter Gautrey

    Great local electricians. Did a good job and were prompt and efficient. Will definitely be using them again for some future work that I need to get done.

    Greg Lan
    Greg Lan

    Excellent work and service. Will use them again.

    Scott Adam
    Scott Adam

    Shashi Dharan
    Shashi Dharan

    Well mannered, systematic and a true professional

    Lynne Van Es
    Lynne Van Es

    Jason was punctual and professional completing a number of jobs at our childcare centre. Highly recommend.

    Euthemius STAT
    Euthemius STAT

    Jason is a great guy and a very skilful electrician. Thank you Jason for a client focused service 👍

    Samantha Nugent
    Samantha Nugent

    Jason was so professional from start to finish. He made the whole process so easy and I won’t hesitate to call him again in the future. Couldn’t recommend Hello Electrical highly enough.

    Jack Stillman
    Jack Stillman

    I’ve used Hello electrical time and time again and they always provide excellent advice, service and workmanship. To be trusted and relied upon.

    Maddison Van Es
    Maddison Van Es

    Contact us now for a quote

    Contact us now for a quote

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