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Local Eastern Suburbs Electricians

Do you have a electrical issue we can help you with?

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    Proudly Supporting

    Proudly Supporting Hlp

    Local Eastern Suburbs Electricians

    Do you have a electrical issue we can help you with?

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      Same Day Free Callouts Available

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      Local Eastern Suburbs Electrician

      Keeping your home or company’s electrical systems maintained and accurately working is what we are known for. No electrical emergency is too big for Hello Electricals expert electricians to take care of. Trust the professionals at Hello Electrical to take care of your residential and commercial electrical emergency services.

      Eastern Suburbs Domestic Electrician

      Every single person in the world relies on electricity, in order to power and use appliances in their everyday lives. When your home is experiencing electrical problems, it can be dangerous for the individuals residing within your home to use any of the electric-powered appliances, due to the risk of causing a power outage or an electrical fire. The experts at Hello Electrical have been servicing residential homes for years and will work with our customers on a unique quote that we can both agree upon, before we start any work within the household. We can guarantee an on-time service completion that completely fits to your preferred schedule and timeline. Trust the professionals at Hello Electrical to take care of your Eastern Suburbs domestic electrical problems and to deliver you with an electrical system free from any issues.

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      Areas We Service

      Hello Electrical provides a range of high-quality electrical services to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. We will reach your property swiftly and complete the work in a professional and efficient manner. The areas we service include:

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      Eastern Suburbs Commercial Electrician

      A properly working electrical system is a vital element for any business or commercial area to have, in order to run smoothly and properly. Hello Electrical offers an extensive range of electrical services, in order to help the businesses in the Eastern Suburbs area to maintain productivity and ensure that the company has the power to continue providing their services to their dependent customers. Our commercial electrical services include electrical repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and installations. Hello Electricals’ professionally trained electricians can guarantee a safe and practical electrical service that will impress any individual who decides to hire us. We can ensure that our electrical commercial services will be completed in a timely fashion that fits both your timeline and budget. Hello Electrical will personally and conveniently work with you through each step of the service that we offer, providing you peace of mind and a proficiently working commercial electrical system.

      Why Choose Hello Electrical

      Hello Electrical has become the Eastern Suburbs #1 choice for completing electrical services in an efficient and timely manner. With our electrical services that we readily can provide to you every day of the year, the professionals at Hello Electrical are committed to providing you with the electrical services you need. From routine maintenance services to emergency electrical services, the electricians at Hello Electrical can handle any electrical request!

      Eastern Suburbs Switchboard Upgrading

      Hello Electrical can offer our customers a wide variety of services, including switchboard upgrades. A domestic or commercial building’s switchboard is their main source for powering every appliance that they utilize on a daily basis. Without a properly functioning switchboard, your household or place of work in the Eastern Suburbs will be more at risk for experiencing electrical issues, such as power outages or even flickering lights. Hello Electrical will be able to quickly assess the situation and recognize what needs to be done on our behalf, in order to provide a resolution to your electrical issues. We will take care of wiring and re-wiring problems safely throughout your entire residential or commercial space. Our team of experts can efficiently conduct electrical wiring repairs that come along with switchboard upgrades, providing you with a stress-free electrical service experience unlike any other.

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      Eastern Suburbs Light and Fan Installation

      Installing a ceiling fan that comes equipped with a light and fan fixture can provide you with an insurmountable number of benefits. For individuals living in the Eastern Suburbs, a ceiling fan can provide them with better air circulation, which ultimately will lead to a decreased energy utilities bill. Trust the professionals at Hello Electrical to proficiently install your new light and fan into your home. Our skilled and professionally trained electricians will be able to quickly install your light and fan fixture in a timely manner, leaving no room for mistakes, only perfection.


      Your Frequently Asked Questions

      Our team of electricians are all fully licensed and insured. Our top priority is that our clients will feel safe and protected when they choose Hello Electrical.

      We provide many efficient and professional Electrical services across Sydney. We will help to solve any of your electrical problems.

      Our business hours are 9am-5pm. We try our best always to make sure that our clients’ availability and convenience is our top priority. We understand that people have busy lives and always do our best to work with our clients. 

      We always want our prices to be as affordable and our services to be as accessible for clients as possible. This means we always try our best to keep our prices as low and affordable as possible without having to sacrifice any quality.


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      Customer Experience

      Read What Our Customers Have To Say

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      Steven Larkin
      Nick turned up very promptly and explained everything up front and possible scenarios that could occur if he couldn’t find the problem initially. All my lights had gone out and Nick had to do a fault finder to find the problem (of which there were three). It took quite a few hours and he kept me informed throughout. Very friendly, transparent and polite. Nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommended!
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      Geo M. T.
      We had complications with our fireplace fan and needed rewiring. Ryan arrived on time and resolved the issue in a timely manner. Excellent service! Thank you Ryan!
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      Susan Mealing
      Ryan provided a great solution to our problems and also showed great care and attention in installation. We got Ryan back to improve other aspect of our outdoor garden lighting, which we’re very happy with. Thank you very much Ryan!!!!
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      Lauren Burgess
      Nick and the team from Hello Electrical were great!.. they did a great job, efficient and helpful. Would highly recommend the company.
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      Vicki Pye
      This was my first time using Hello Electrical, I was very impressed with their service from initial booking to the service Ryan provided on the day. Ryan was very professional in workmanship and manner. The job was quoted up front and was carried out as requested. I highly recommend their service and will definitely use Hello Electrical again!
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      Anne Pearce
      Ryan arrived on time, was very professional and explained everything and choices I had. It was completed without any fuss and cleaned up everything beautifully. I now have a new power board and hot water system, Thanks, Anne.
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      Sarah Fritsch
      Ryan and Brock were very professional and efficient. They did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend them.
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      Allison Wise
      We had an excellent experience using Hello Electrical. Ryan and ‘Brenden’ were very professional and courteous and we are very happy with the quality of workmanship overall. We highly recommend Hello Electrical. Alli & Jazz
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      Mitchell T
      Phil was great, very professional.
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      Oliver Senn

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